Best Restaurants In Rhode Island Sorted By Cuisine Type

Welcome to Home Is A Kitchen’s List of the Best Restaurants in Rhode Island sorted alphabetically by cuisine type. It’s a given that I haven’t visited every restaurant in Rhode Island, however, I still maintain that this list is a great place to start for ideas or recommendations. There are, of course, many restaurants in Rhode Island worth visiting beyond those mentioned here and it’s important to remember that good food is often a preference. Periodically, I’ll refine this list as time goes on so that it reflects my thoughts on the best of the best.

Agree or disagree with me? Have a recommendation for a restaurant I should try or consider mentioning as one of the best? Leave a comment below!

If you are a restaurant or restaurant owner that thinks you should be on this list, then please reach out via the form below to submit your information and reasons for why you think your restaurant is one of the best in RI! I’d love to hear from you, especially if I’ve never visited your restaurant before.

HIAK's Best Restaurants In RI

Cuisine Categories

American Fine Dining • Barbecue • Bakery • Beer/Brewery • Breakfast • Brunch • Burger • Chinese • Clam Shack/Chowder • Coffee • Colombian • Comfort Food • Dessert • Doughnuts • Food Trucks • French / German Takeout • German • Greek • Hot Dogs / Wieners • Hot Pot • Ice Cream • Indian • Italian • Japanese • Korean • Mexican • Middle Eastern  • Noodles • Peruvian • Pizza • Poke • Pub / Beer Garden  • Seafood • Southern • Steak • Vietnamese

American Fine Dining 

Barbecue Restaurant





Bubble Tea

Burger (Various Styles)


Clam Cakes / Clam Shacks / Chowder



Comfort Food (Gourmet)

Dessert / Cake / Pie / Pastries


Food Trucks

French / German Takeout

German Sit-Down


Hot Dogs / Wieners

Hot Pot

Ice Cream


Italian Sit-Down Dinner

Italian Takeout

Japanese – Sushi

Japanese – Ramen


Mexican Sit-Down

Mexican Takeout

Middle Eastern 





Pub / Beer Garden (American)







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  1. This is such a great list! I love the breakdown by cuisine too. I’ve seen a lot of RI lists, but usually it’s just like a to 10 or something. I’m going to gve this to my friends who visit from out of town whenever they ask for recomendations. Thanks again for putting this together. Have you thought about adding a southern food cuisine?

    1. Thanks, Stephanie! Glad you enjoyed the list. I’ll be adding cuisines as I try more restaurants that are worth mentioning in each category. Funny you should mention Southern Cuisine because I’ve actually got a couple of places on my list to try. I’ll add them soon!

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