Ganko Ittetsu Ramen Review – Providence, RI

When many Americans hear the word, "Ramen," they are often transported to memories of when they were young or perhaps in college where ramen meant a cheap package of dry noodles with a powdered flavor packet. That kind of instant ramen will always have a spot in my heart, but real ramen is so much... Continue Reading →


Newport Lobster Shack Review – Newport, RI

Newport, RI in the summer is known for seaside dining and fresh seafood. Nonetheless, many visitors don't know where to look beyond the famous Thames Street downtown. The Newport Lobster Shack is not too far off the beaten path, so it's easy to find and offers another option for experiencing outdoor dining in Newport. Newport... Continue Reading →

Dune Brothers Seafood Review – Providence, RI

Seafood is generally a favorite of many and while welcome year round, it's especially sought after during the summer months. There's something refreshing and uplifting about enjoying the flavors of the ocean while sitting outside in the warm weather that places like Dune Brothers Seafood capitalize on. Rhode Island and New England in general are... Continue Reading →

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