Persimmon Restaurant Review – Providence, RI

I had the good fortune of visiting Persimmon in their old Bristol, RI location where my wife and I enjoyed a wonderful meal. We were sad to hear that they closed that charming location, but happy to know they opened a new one in Providence, RI. Some of our close friends went immediately when Persimmon... Continue Reading →

Menton Restaurant Review – Boston, MA

After receiving more than a few recommendations to try Menton (some from the same friends repeatedly), my wife and I decided to use our annual birthday dinner to splurge on a meal at this French-inspired fine dining restaurant. Even though we're a little late joining the bandwagon, we had an excellent meal that lived up... Continue Reading →

Lumiere – Newton, MA

I may have mentioned that my birthday and my fiance's birthday are a mere seven days apart. As a result, we decided that instead of scrambling within one week to get gifts for one another and essentially trade off festivities, we decided that each year we would take one another out to a great meal.... Continue Reading →

Birch – Providence, RI

Birch opened up in June 2013 and I finally had a chance to visit the restaurant when I went there to eat with friends. When I entered the restaurant, I wasn't ready for how small it is. It basically only seats 16-18 people around a U-shaped bar. Nonetheless, this tiny restaurant, run by chef-owners Benjamin... Continue Reading →

Birch Restaurant Review – Providence, RI

Chef Benjamin Sukle and his wife Heidi, opened Birch Restaurant in June 2013. The restaurant has received national acclaim since then while Chef Sukle has been nominated twice for a James Beard Award. Not too long after they opened, I finally had a chance to visit the restaurant with friends. Upon entering the restaurant, I wasn't... Continue Reading →

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