Grilled Kofta Recipe (Ground Beef With Spices)

Kofta, Kafta, or Kafka is often characterized as the Middle Eastern version of a hamburger. Yes, it's made with ground beef, ground lamb, or both, but that's pretty much where the similarity ends. Kofta is more like a sausage without the sausage casing. Sure, you can make this into patties like a burger and eat... Continue Reading →

Holiday Dinners at My House

Holidays with my family require a few signature dishes. Every family has their own traditions and at my house our traditional holiday dishes revolve around meat and protein. Of course there is the common turkey at Thanksgiving, and spiral ham, or beef roast at other occasions, but we also have other requirements. Often, before Christmas... Continue Reading →

A Visual Food Tour of Khartoum, Sudan

This post is long overdue, but I wanted to make sure that I captured my trip to Khartoum, Sudan in a way that would do it justice. There is a lot that I've left out considering that I took over 400 pictures while there. That's more impressive than you might think considering that it's "illegal"... Continue Reading →

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