Vejigantes Puerto Rican Restaurant Review – Boston, MA

Bachelor party weekend. That's what was happening the first time I tried Vejigantes. About a dozen of my closest friends took me out for lunch at Vejigantes on the second day of my weekend-long bachelor party bash in Boston (say, "Bachelor party bash in boston" three times fast). I'm not exactly sure why they picked... Continue Reading →

Mirasol’s Cafe – Dartmouth, MA

  Mirasol's Cafe 439 State Road Dartmouth, MA 02747 (508) 996-2323 Service and Atmosphere Like many diamonds in the rough, Mirasol's is part of a tiny strip mall. The parking lot for Mirasol's get's quite busy around lunch time and people often wait with their engines running to pounce on an open parking spot. The... Continue Reading →

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