Cafe Sushi Review – Cambridge, MA

As part of a birthday celebration, a friend suggested that we all get some sushi from Cafe Sushi. He'd been raving about it for a while and took his opportunity to have the rest of us try it out. The restaurant offers some of the usual pieces of fish that all sushi restaurants feature, but Cafe Sushi's... Continue Reading →

Oga’s Japanese Cuisine – Natick, MA

I'd heard about Oga's from a few food bloggers who had nothing, but good things to say about the restaurant. One blogger I read likened Oga's to a more affordable, but same quality as some of the best sushi places in Boston like Oishii (see my review here). With rave reviews like that, I knew... Continue Reading →

Oishii – Sushi Review – Boston, MA

When searching for the best sushi around Boston, three names kept popping up: O Ya, Oishii, and Oga's (in Natick). After watching a wonderful documentary called, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, about the world's greatest sushi chef, I became obsessed with trying truly high quality sushi. Unfortunately, such sushi is costly and far more expensive than... Continue Reading →

Fuji 1546 (Sushi) Review

It's hard to find really good sushi in the Boston area.  After watching the documentary, "Jiro Dreams of Sushi," (a great film and a must see) I am even more skeptical about whether or not what we Americans eat as sushi is even considered sushi by quality standards.  Nonetheless, I went to Fuji 1546 (not... Continue Reading →

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