Eastern North Carolina Vinegar Style Barbecue Sauce Recipe

I used to think that I preferred Kansas City style barbecue sauces (those thicker, sweeter sauces found in most grocery stores) over thinner sauces like those found in Eastern North Carolina and surrounding areas. As it turns out, I often don't prefer a lot of sauce on my barbecue at all and consider the condiment... Continue Reading →

Pickled Watermelon Recipe

Yes, this recipe is for pickled watermelon, but don't go running for the hills just yet! The results are weird, but surprisingly tasty. This may just be one of the more unique recipes you experiment with. So many people love watermelon and it's devoured in mass quantities every summer. Personally, I love watermelon that is... Continue Reading →

Smoky Pickled Okra

I was kind of on an okra kick this summer for some reason. It's definitely an overlooked vegetable and that probably has something to do with the fact that when cooked or eaten, it has a very viscous quality that some people don't enjoy.  It also has a kind of hairy outer skin, which is... Continue Reading →

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