Sunshine Blogger Award

Apparently, I’ve been nominated by foodisthebestshitever for a community Sunshine Blog Award. In order to accept the award, you kind of have to perpetuate a chain letter on the blog community by:

  1. Thanking the person that nominated you;
  2. Answering a bunch of questions (they seem to be different sometimes); and
  3. Nominating ten more blogs for the award.

While I have no idea about the validity of the award, I’m just happy to see that some people are reading my blog! So here goes.

Thanking my Nominator:

While the title of my blog is Man Fuel, some of the manliest food blogging “blokes” out there right now are the guys at foodisthebestshitever. If you like hearty, creative, and sometimes just downright weird food, then check these guys out. They’ll show you a few food tricks, make fun of one another in their posts, confess deep secrets (like “…please do not buy me rum. Rum treats me like cheap red wine treats teenage girls.”), and cuss all over your computer screen. So, to foodisthebestshitever, thanks for reading and I look forward to more.

Answering Some Questions:

  • Favorite Color – Black (not because I’m morbid, but because if I only had one color to draw with on white paper, I would choose black).
  • Favorite Animal – Bears. Giant, cuddly, and ferocious. They’re like the strong fat guys of the animal kingdom, but they can also run really fast.
  • Favorite Number – Any number with a 5 or a zero at the end of it.
  • Favorite Drink – Alcoholic drink? Scotch/Bourbon.
  • Facebook or Twitter – I prefer facebook for real connections, but I do like the accessibility of twitter (@man_fuel) even though everything on there is fleeting. Facebook is like lounging around on the porch, while twitter is like running on a treadmill.
  • Your Passion – Family, Friends, and Food (in no real order).
  • Giving or getting presents – I prefer giving presents. I appreciate receiving them, but I often feel awkward getting gifts.
  • Favorite Day – Any day where I have nothing to do the next morning.
  • Favorite Flowers – Um… I have no idea. Jasmine maybe? Smells nice and you can make some good tea.
  • Favorite Philosopher – Tough one. I’m going to cop out and just make a list: Jesus, Socrates, Lao Tzu, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Martin Luther King.

Nominating Ten More Blogs (in no ranking order):

  • The Liquid Culture Project – If you like broadening your horizons with fancy cocktails then check out this blog. Not only can you learn a lot by checking out these drink recipes, but the writing is extremely well done. Each blog entry is crafted as finely as each of the classy drinks.
  •  Small Kitchen Chronicles – Meet Christina Lazarakis. She has a well done blog with a lot of creative recipes. Best of all, she just seems like a genuinely nice person that always answers comments from her readers.
  •  Vittle Monster – It doesn’t get much simpler and to the point than this blog. This guy takes pictures of what he eats and posts short descriptions before telling you whether he liked it or not. He does a great job with the pictures and he’s just using an iphone camera.
  • Putney Farm – This is one of the first food blogs I started reading and I’m glad I stumbled upon it by accident. They definitely don’t need my help regarding awards (I think they already got this award actually!) or advertising, but they do a great job growing their own food, preparing great meals, and taking wonderful photos. Highly recommended.
  • Fine Dining At Home – Restaurant quality food at home. This UK-based blog strives to show lay people how to prepare masterpieces in their own kitchens. The blog presents really well visually, which allows you to navigate their content easily. This blog is definitely worth checking out if you’re trying to impress someone or if you just feel like treating yourself to something a little classier.
  • Spontaneous Tomato – Here is a fun blog written by a very well traveled woman. She has a ton of easy to navigate content, her “About” page in really interesting, and she has a creative spin on a lot of classic dishes. This blog must be good because I read it even though there isn’t much meat on the menu!
  • Cooking Whims – Megan has a fun blog with a lot of great ideas. She’s been writing since 2009 so there are tons of recipes on her site. She has a welcoming site and it doesn’t hurt that she’s a self-confessed trekkie either!
  • Poor Girl Eats Well – This site could have been depressing, but the author does a good job keeping things upbeat despite the fact that she really does have to watch her finances. She cooks wonderful food on a budget and the little price tags in the corners of her pictures are kind of hilarious.
  • Amasian Science – This isn’t a food blog, but if you like science and the community then check out this well-written blog that even lay people can understand. Occasionally, there is some discussion of food when it pertains to science.
  • Katie PhD – One more science blog for diversity’s sake. This blog has a great design with many of the graphics created by the author herself. She does a great job researching issues in the science world and then breaking down the information into bite-sized pieces (sorry… food blogging metaphors). Food-related posts include a discussion about the controversial Genetically Modified Organisms (“GMO’s”) and the results of a survey performed by the author.

7 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

Add yours

  1. Thanks for the mention! And thanks for the intro to a few cool blogs. These awards are a bit “chain letter-ish” but we do find some great blogs this way…so it is worth it.

    And we certainly agree with you on what our “favorite day” would be…

  2. Thanks so much for nominating Small Kitchen Chronicles and me for this sweet award, ManFuel! I’m really honored and touched by what you wrote — I do my best! =)

    Thanks for the love, fellow food blogger, it’s awesome to share the foodie-sphere with you =)

    Thanks again!

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