A Visual Food Tour of Brooklyn, NY

A couple of months ago, I attended a wedding in Brooklyn, New York. Coincidentally, this was the same weekend that hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, but we managed to leave NY before it got really bad. That little nugget of information is only tangentially related and didn’t really affect my stay, but I do find it interesting.


Generally, I’m not a big fan of New York. It’s huge, hectic, and inevitably I risk getting hit by a car while trying to cross the street (it’s the presumptuous Bostonian in me that assumes I have the right of way). Don’t even get me started on the subway system that I don’t understand at all. If you stop and ask for directions from two different native New Yorkers (like I am wont to do), you will almost always get conflicting information before seeking out a third source as a tie breaker. It may be a grid system in the city, but I’ve discovered that without GPS, no one in NY knows where they’re going (especially the cab drivers). A typical conversation between a cab driver and myself often goes something like this:

Cab Driver: Where are you going?
Me: We need to go to the Brooklyn Museum.
Cab Driver: Is that in Brooklyn?
Me: Um. I think so. It’s the Brooklyn Museum.
Cab Driver: Ok, do you know which Brooklyn Museum?
Me: What do you mean? Are there more than one?
Cab Driver: Is it over the bridge?
Me: Uh, which bridge? I don’t know. I’m not from here.
Cab Driver: Do you have it on your phone?
Me: You want me to look it up on my phone?
Cab Driver: Yeah.
Me: Uh. Ok. [looking up the address on my phone] It’s at 200 Eastern Parkway.
Cab Driver: In Brooklyn?
Me: Yes! In Brooklyn!
Cab Driver: [puts the address into his cab GPS and we drive off]

This happened twice.

Despite all of this, while in NY (and on the way there) I got to sample some of the food in the area and I was surprised by how good a lot of it was. The one thing I really do have to give it up to New York for is that they have a lot of good food. Almost everything I ate in New York was fantastic, so as long as I’m with people that know their way around, I’m willing to delight my taste buds by visiting New York.

Click on any of the pictures below to see where I ate and scroll down underneath each photo to read a brief description of the location.



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