Tallulah’s Taqueria Review – Providence, RI

I first heard about Tallulah’s tacos years ago at the Newport Folk Festival when a friend tried them. It took me a couple of years to finally get around to trying them myself. My taste buds were simultaneously thankful for the gift of truly amazing tacos and angry that I waited so long to introduce them to Tallulah’s creative take on Mexican staples.

Man Fuel Food Blog - Tallulah's Taqueria - Providence, RITallulah’s Taqueria
146 Ives St.
Providence, RI 02906
(401) 272-8226

Service and Atmosphere
Tallulah’s is a small restaurant located on a side road near Fox Point and Wickenden Street. The interior is modern with exposed pipes and an open kitchen. The seating area is tight with some common tables, but everyone is friendly – especially the kitchen staff cooking up the magic.
Man Fuel Food Blog - Tallulah's Taqueria - Providence, RI - Interior

I only tried two tacos at Tallulah’s, but those two tacos were absolutely incredible. I had the Carnitas (shredded/pulled pork) and the Lengua (tongue) tacos. My wife tried the Carne Asada taco. Nothing I say about the tacos will do them justice, but I will try and describe what makes them so good.
Man Fuel Food Blog - Tallulah's Taqueria - Providence, RI - Carnitas and Lengua Tacos

Carnitas Tacos – This taco overflowed with pork and some kind of green sauce or salsa (perhaps tomatillo) that topped the shredded pork. There was a citrus blend of spices complemented by the fresh onions that blew my mind.

Lengua Tacos – This was my first experience with beef tongue as a taco and I have no regrets. The lengua had a beautiful char on the outside while the meat inside remained completely tender. The contrast in texture really worked. The red sauce added some spice and the tomato base held up very well against the beefy flavor.

Pickled Radishes – Tallulah’s pickled radishes act like a kind of trademark on their dishes. The mild sweetness contrasts with the vinegar and the fiery crunch of the radishes provides a perfect addition to the tacos or just as a side to cleanse the palate.

Overall Impression
Awesome tacos. They are a little pricier than you might imagine a taco should be, but they are worth the treat. The chefs at Tallulah’s know how to turn classic flavors into completely new creations that still highlight all of the complexities of traditional Mexican fare.

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  1. These tacos are rightfully over priced because they contain real solid ingredients without fillers. I am surprised that such tacos exit. I will for sure visit this place. Thanks for the recommendation.

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