Rebeco Mexican Restaurant Review – Seekonk, MA

The location where Rebeco opened is know to locals as a somewhat cursed spot. Mostly because of the high turnover of restaurants that open and close there. Rebeco is the second Mexican restaurant to inhabit the building having taken over from the previous tenant, Plaza Azteca. Luckily, Rebeco offers authentic plate style Mexican food (with other cultural influences) and perhaps that will be the difference between it and the chain restaurants that came before.

Rebeco Logo
353 Highland Ave.
Seekonk, MA 02771
(508) 557-0024

Service and Atmosphere
The interior of Rebeco is pretty much the same as the Mexican restaurant that came before, but that works. The warm colors and rustically modern decor are exactly the style one would expect from a restaurant serving plate style Mexican food. The service is polite and friendly, but most of the staff are not native English speakers. That’s part of the charm though and perhaps illustrates the restaurant’s authenticity.
home is a kitchen - rebeco - seekonk, ma - interior

There are many kinds of Mexican restaurants, but what I refer to as “plate style” is a specific kind of Mexican-American food service. It’s Mexican or Tex-Mex style food served on hot plates (often heated in the oven) and served with common sides like rice, refried beans, or tortillas. The burritos are not served mission style (i.e. in a hand-holdable steamed tortillas wrapped in foil), but rather a rolled, open-ended, toasty tortilla served on a plate and covered in sauce. Much of the menu has other influences like Argentinian, Colombian, or even Brazilian while the portions are usually generous and filling.

Chips and Salsa – Most restaurants like Rebeco start out serving chips and salsa. Some places make their own, but in this case it was hard to tell. The chips are thin, fresh, and crispy, but I couldn’t tell if they were homemade or not. The small servings of two kinds of salsas seemed homemade as well, but again, it was hard to tell. The two salsas feature one mild and one a bit spicier. Both are pretty good along with the chips.
home is a kitchen - rebeco - seekonk, ma - chips and salsa

Table-side Fresh Guacamole – Guacamole is delicious when done right and it’s best served fresh. It doesn’t get much fresher when it’s made right at your table in front of you. The guac is customizable too. If you don’t like cilantro for example (insanity), then you can order it without. If you like it really spicy, they’ll kick it up a notch for you. Alternatively, if you like it mild, they’ll mellow it out. The serving is a large amount of guacamole that is more than enough for 4 to 6 people. It goes great with the chips or with the entrees. You just might need to add a little table salt to your own preference.
home is a kitchen - rebeco - seekonk, ma - guacamole

Burrito Rebeco – Personally, I don’t usually go for plate style burritos as I prefer Mission style. Nonetheless, I was surprised at how good they were at Rebeco. The burrito named after the restaurant is stuffed with spiced chicken, chorizo, rice, and beans. Then it’s covered with a cheesy sauce, sour cream, and pico de gallo. It really does look like overkill, but the sauce isn’t extremely rich or heavy as one might expect, though it is decadent. It all just works well and despite wanting to finish the whole plate, the burrito is so large, that it might be a challenge.
home is a kitchen - rebeco - seekonk, ma - rebeco burrito

Texas Fajitas – Can’t decide on a meat for the fajitas? Then the Texas Fajita is for you. It comes with steak, chicken, and shrimp sauteed with the usual peppers and onions. Overall, the dish looks a little messy, but the flavors are on point. The proteins are all heading towards overcooked, but again, that’s kind of the style. They come out on a sizzling hot cast iron skillet and are served with tortillas.
home is a kitchen - rebeco - seekonk, ma - texas fajita

Churrasco – I really enjoyed this dish even if it’s not purely Mexican. First, they serve skirt steak, which is an underrated and fantastic cut of beef that I love. Admittedly, it was a little overcooked, but in my experience, that’s the style of these kinds of restaurants. That doesn’t mean it was dry at all. The flavors and mildly spicy marinade used for the skirt steak were really excellent. The chimichurri sauce that came with it was also pretty good. I’m not that much of a chimichurri fan, but I appreciated it and enjoyed varying the flavor of the dish by dipping some of the steak in it. The rice (and this is possibly what I’m most impressed with!) wasn’t undercooked or dry, which so often happens at many Mexican restaurants. In fact, it was cooked perfectly and I enjoyed its flavor very much. The tostones were a welcome addition to the meal although they could have been thinner and crispier. While not the best tostones, I just loved that they were available and I ate them happily.
home is a kitchen - rebeco - seekonk, ma - churrasco

Carne Asada – Like the churrasco, the carne asada comes as a grilled skirt steak with a different marinade. Unlike the churrasco, it is served with beans and pico de gallo. I enjoyed making little flour tortilla tacos. I wish the dish came with sour cream or some extra pico, but overall, it’s a solid dish.
home is a kitchen - rebeco - seekonk, ma - carne asada

Overall Impression
Rebeco serves really good plate-style Mexican food with all of the usual bells and whistles. The food is fresh, authentic, and comforting. Try the table side guacamole, one of their decadent burritos, toasty fajitas, or delicious skirt steak entrees. Recommended for Mexican food lovers looking for something local that’s more substantive than the usual chains and burrito places.



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