B.T.’s Smokehouse Review – Sturbridge, MA

Sturbridge, MA seems a little out of the way for a lot of people to drum up a reason to go there other than to visit Sturbridge Village, a "living museum" of New England in the 1830's. As it turns out there is another reason to head out to Sturbridge (or stay there if you're from... Continue Reading →


Sweet and Spicy Barbecue Sauce Recipe

I've always wanted to make my own barbecue sauce and I finally got around to it. I came up with this recipe that creates a sweet, spicy, and smoky barbecue sauce that is surprisingly well balanced. I chose to use tomato paste as the base rather than something like ketchup because I wanted to make sure... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Grilled Burger

I've spent years of my life trying to figure out the secret to the perfect hamburger mix. As it turns out, my efforts were somewhat foolish considering how simple it is to make a great burger. In fact, the simpler, the better. I tried almost everything to perfect a ground meat mixture for my burgers.... Continue Reading →

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