Crispy Chicken Katsu with Tonkatsu Sauce and Sesame Cabbage Recipe

Fried chicken is one of the simple pleasures of life made immortal by almost every culture with access to chicken. They all do it a little different, but they're almost always delicious. The biggest differences usually involve the style of breading, seasonings, and occasionally the frying method. Simple is usually best, but when going for maximum crispiness... Continue Reading →

Lightly Fried and Baked Scotch Eggs Recipe

If you've ever thought about making breakfast in a more compact, portable, and delicious way, then the Scotch egg is the miracle product for you. It basically takes eggs, sausage, and toast and turns them into a singular, egg-shaped food delivery system. The crispy outside contrasts with the sausage, which in turn contrasts with the softer... Continue Reading →

Quito’s Restaurant – Bristol, RI

When my cousin, her husband, and two children (now three!) were staying with us while visiting the U.S., my family and I tried to show them around to let them try new things. Sometimes the best way to immerse people in another country is to have them try that country's food. On this occasion, we opted... Continue Reading →

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