Kleos Greek Restaurant Review – Providence, RI

Greek food and Rhode Island have had a rocky history in that other than the annual Greek festivals and fantastic home cooking from the Greek communty, the state is almost devoid of excellent Greek food. That is, until Kleos showed up on the scene. The owners of Kleos also own Rosalina, which has its own... Continue Reading →

Easy Homemade Gyro Meat Recipe

Gyro meat is one of the greatest culinary inventions and no matter how you pronounce, "Gyro" (Yee-ro, Jai-ro, Gee-ro), we're all pretty much just saying the word, "Delicious." While the real deal traditional stuff comprised of actual cuts of spiced meat rotating on a vertical rotisserie spit is awesome, it's the over-processed Greek-American stuff that I'm talking about.... Continue Reading →

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