PVDonuts Gourmet Doughnuts Review – Providence, RI

This review is made possible by my wife who, on a weekday off from work, went to try and obtain some of the elusive doughnuts everyone in Providence is raving about. This was her second attempt because the first time she went around 11:30 AM, PVDonuts were completely sold out. With this knowledge, she instead... Continue Reading →

Wara Wara Ramen Restaurant Review

Wara Wara opened around February 2016 in Providence and there was a lot of buzz about this new Japanese restaurant specializing in ramen and tapas. With so few options in Providence to enjoy good ramen, I knew I needed to get over there and see what Wara Wara had to offer. Usually, I run for... Continue Reading →

Table Restaurant Review – Barrington, RI

We stumbled upon Table while looking for somewhere new to eat just east of Providence, RI. A quick internet search brought up a small restaurant called, "Table." It seemed like a nice place with relatively easy access right off of route 114. Like many small restaurants, the hours can be a little wonky, so call... Continue Reading →

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