Harry’s Bar and Burger – Providence, RI

I've been to Harry's a couple of times and very much enjoyed my food. The first time was when out of nowhere my wife suggested that we go out for sliders. I incredulously¬†jumped at the opportunity because it's not often that her refined palate is aimed at a burger joint. The second time was when... Continue Reading →

Smoky Chicken Sliders Recipe

When you live in an apartment, you often don't have a grill. That is a pain I have suffered for many years. Grilling on a stove top isn't the same and using an electric indoor grill is a nightmare if you don't want your clothes smelling like meat for a week. Most people also can't... Continue Reading →

A Visual Food Tour of New Orleans

In mid-October I had the privilege of attending one of my best friends from high school's wedding in New Orleans. If you haven't been to New Orleans it is definitely a singular experience when traveling through the United States because it feels like you are in a different country.¬† The architecture is old world and... Continue Reading →

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