Harry’s Bar and Burger – Providence, RI

I’ve been to Harry’s a couple of times and very much enjoyed my food. The first time was when out of nowhere my wife suggested that we go out for sliders. I incredulously jumped at the opportunity because it’s not often that her refined palate is aimed at a burger joint. The second time was when my childhood friend was back in town after returning from a dangerous government assignment abroad. With my friend back in town, I figured that he needed the taste of some good American food and Harry’s delivered.

Man Fuel - Food Blog - Harry's Bar and Burger - Providence, RI - ExteriorHarry’s Bar and Burger
121 North Main Street
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 228 – 7437

Service and Atmosphere It’s hard to miss Harry’s from the outside due to the large piebald cow statue parked near the front door. Stepping inside, the downstairs area is basically a medium sized bar with some seating. The upstairs offers a small area exclusive to people looking to dine in. Harry’s makes no attempts at fancy decor and fully embraces the pub-style atmosphere. The silverware is plastic (but who cares because you won’t be using it anyway) and the beer/cocktail menu plentiful. The servers have no uniforms and speak casually with the patrons. They’re relatively friendly and willing to offer beer or slider suggestions if you need them. Man Fuel - Food Blog - Harry's Bar and Burger - Providence, RI - Silverware Food Despite the no frills decor and the plastic silverware, Harry’s offers simple food that delivers some great flavors. Two-thirds of the food menu consists of fries, chili, and sliders. They do have other sandwiches on the menu, but considering how good the sliders are, I don’t know why you would bother with anything else other than french fries. The fries are relatively simple with only a few toppings to choose from. You can have them plain with just some salt and pepper, covered in cheese, covered in chili, or all of the above. The cheese is essentially cheez whiz, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious mixed with the chili. The fries on their own with just salt and pepper are also pretty tasty because they’re cooked well. Man Fuel - Food Blog - Harry's Bar and Burger - Providence, RI - FriesThe burgers at Harry’s only come as sliders. One order comes with two decent sized sliders, but you can add a third slider for less than the price of a double order. If you’re really hungry, a third slider will usually get the job done because the sliders aren’t flimsy little things. The Harry’s Classic already has a nice amount of meat in there and the fillings only go up from there. Over a couple of visits to Harry’s, I’ve tried the Harry’s Classic Cheese (toasted potato rolls, american cheese, grilled onion & pickle), the Fungus Among Us (cheese, portobello mushroom & truffle aioli), and the Pig Pile Burger (cheese & b.b.q. pulled pork). All of the sliders were great. The potato buns are dense yet soft and can stand up to any number of toppings. Man Fuel - Food Blog - Harry's Bar and Burger - Providence, RI - SlidersWhile I enjoyed all of the sliders, I thought that the Harry’s Classic Cheese was really just the most balanced slider. The grilled onions, pickle, and cheese went really well together, but they didn’t overshadow the delicious burger. The Fungus Among Us, for example, had some wonderful mushroom and truffle flavors, but I couldn’t taste the burger as much. Meanwhile the Pig Pile Burger had some delicious pulled pork smothering the burger, which made it very filling, but it was hard to really taste the burger. All in all, the sliders are so good that they don’t need much other than some simple ingredients to shine. Nonetheless, the slider options are plentiful and it’s up to you to pick your favorite! Man Fuel - Food Blog - Harry's Bar and Burger - Providence, RI - Classic Sliders Overall Impression
Harry’s has excellent comfort pub-style food that really hits the spot. I highly recommend Harry’s for a unique beer, a couple of deliciously hearty sliders, and a side of fries.

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