15th Stop: Roy Rogers in New Jersey

Essentially, immediately after having a Doritos Locos Taco from Taco Bell, we went to Roy Rogers. Again, another mistake. It was basically closing time and the staff were reluctant to make us any food. Knowing that it’s a pain to serve customers just before closing, my friend and I just ordered the pre-made fried chicken sitting under the warming lights. Another customer behind us, ordered a hamburger, which the staff clearly didn’t want to make. Somehow though, our pre-made food came out after the guy’s freshly made burger. That was irritating. Adding to the irritation was that in our attempt to secure some BBQ sauce using one of the manual pumps by the soda fountain, my friend managed to cause the thing to explode all over me. He escaped unscathed. The real insult added to the injury though was that the sauce was sweet and sour sauce incorrectly labeled as BBQ sauce. The last disappointment was the food, which we ate outside in consideration of the inconsiderate staff. It wasn’t very good at all and my friend swore off ever returning to Roy Rogers right there in the parking lot.

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