A Visual Food Tour from Providence, RI to Louisville, KY

In order to celebrate a bachelor party in Louisville, KY, a friend and I decided to say, “no,” to criminally absurd airline prices and take a road trip instead (the cost of tickets to Kentucky from Providence, RI was more than it cost to take an international flight across the Atlantic).  We rented a car and 16 hours later we ended up in Louisville to have a great time before driving 16 hours back to Providence. This post attempts to highlight the trip through bourbon and food.

Here are fun facts I learned about bourbon on the trip:

  • Bourbon does not need to be made in Bourbon County, KY
  • Bourbon County, KY is actually a dry county!
  • Bourbon doesn’t need to be made in Kentucky at all. It just has to be made using the proper bourbon requirements and restrictions concerning, temperature, proof, corn to rye ratio, and aging method.

Here is a Bourbon poll:

Below is a visual food tour of our trip (with descriptions) although I am missing a couple of stops because I just didn’t have the photos. Click on any picture to view the photo gallery with my brief descriptions of the location.


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