12th Stop: Steak ‘N Shake in Kentucky

Upon leaving Louisville, my friend and I embarked on another one of my favorite road trip traditions – eating at fast food chains that we don’t have back home. Our first stop on the trip back was Steak ‘N Shake. I’ve been here before, but we don’t have any back home, so I wanted my friend to try it. Overall, it was a standard burger experience. The one thing we couldn’t figure out though was why it took them so long to serve us inside the restaurant, but they have a drive-thru. It made no sense.

One thought on “12th Stop: Steak ‘N Shake in Kentucky

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  1. Ahh one of the South and Midwest’s staples, good old Steak ‘n Shake! Yes, service can be abysmal, but their chicken melt and a large double-chocolate shake at 3am is the BEST!

    Awesome posts Youssef, definitely jealous of the trip. Hope the bachelor party was as much fun as the journey!

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