11th Stop: Spinellis Pizzeria Delivery in Kentucky

With our drinking for the evening done and the bachelor passed out in his bed, a few of us had late night hunger pangs, so we decided to order pizza. The man at the front desk of the hotel recommended Spinelli’s Pizzeria. This turned out to be a disastrous mistake. Not only was the pizza expensive, but it took forever to arrive. When we called to follow up on the status an hour later, they basically said that they couldn’t find our order in their records, and yet, somehow assured us that it was on the way. When it arrived, we treated ourselves to hands down the worst pizza I have ever eaten. The dough was half-cooked, so it was soft all over. The sauce was minimal and the cheese was almost like a flavorless uniform sheet. We were so hungry that we pushed through the pain and ate, but immediately regretted it. We all envied the passed out bachelor’s ignorance of that pizza. We should have known better than to trust a place advertising “Philly’s Own” in Louisville, Kentucky… Clearly Philly didn’t want them either.

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