Warehouse Bar and Grille – Boston, MA

During my bachelor party weekend, a few of my friends decided to take me out to dinner on Friday night while we waited for some of the other guys to show up. We had a couple of suites rented at the Hilton Boston, so we looked for somewhere to eat close by that would allow us to meet up with people near the hotel a little later. One of my friends came up with Warehouse just a short walk away.

Man Fuel Food Blog - Warehouse Bar and Grill - Boston, MA

40 Broad Street
Boston, MA 02109

Service and Atmosphere
The place was packed on a Friday night, but luckily one of my friends called ahead and made a reservation. The TV’s all over the place made me feel like I was in a sports bar, but the really dark lighting and noise gave the impression of a low key club. This is the kind of place that has girls wearing Miller Lite T-shirts while giving away free cans of Miller Lite classic to patrons as a promotion. The atmosphere definitely isn’t for everyone, but it looked like the people there were having a good time. Our server was awesome, friendly, and very attentive.
Man Fuel Food Blog - Warehouse Bar and Grill - Boston, MA - Interior

We started out ordering some drinks. One of my friends ordered a Yuengling Lager Tall Boy. I’d never seen or even knew that Yuengling offered tall boys, but I very much enjoyed seeing one!Man Fuel Food Blog - Warehouse Bar and Grill - Boston, MA - Yuengling Tall Boy
Louisiana Bayou – The next notable drink to hit our table was a giant mason jar filled with Deep Eddy Sweet Tea Vodka, lemonade, and iced tea called the Louisiana Bayou. This was like the Warehouse’s version of a scorpion bowl. The result was a gigantic, sweet, delicious, and deceptively easy to drink cocktail that the entire table of guys shared.
Man Fuel Food Blog - Warehouse Bar and Grill - Boston, MA - Louisiana Bayou
Lobster and Steak Quesadillas – We also ordered a round of appetizers. The lobster and steak quesadillas were pretty excellent. I could taste the chunks of steak and lobster even through the cheese and other ingredients. 
Man Fuel Food Blog - Warehouse Bar and Grill - Boston, MA - Steak and Lobster Quesadilla
Fried Brussels Sprouts – The fried Brussels sprouts came out with a side of bleu cheese. The dish was really simple. The Brussels sprouts had some crispy leaves on the outside, but weren’t overcooked so they retained a bit of their natural crunch on the inside. I enjoyed these although they weren’t as flavorful as everything else we had.
Man Fuel Food Blog - Warehouse Bar and Grill - Boston, MA - Brussels Sprouts
Chicken Tenders – My brother not only loves chicken tenders, but he also loves buffalo chicken of any kind. He ordered these specifically and asked for them buffalo style. They came out with a light drizzle of buffalo sauce and a side of bleu cheese. The light drizzle of buffalo sauce gave the chicken tenders the desired flavor, but it didn’t turn the cirspy breading into a soggy mess. They tasted really good and the execution helped keep the tenders crispy the whole time.
Man Fuel Food Blog - Warehouse Bar and Grill - Boston, MA - Buffalo Chicken Tenders
Guacamole – As if the other appetizers weren’t enough, we also ordered some house made guacamole. The hearty chips stood up well to the chunky and flavorful guacamole. A lot of places just turn their guacamole into a velvety mush, but I really enjoyed the chunkiness of the fresh avocado and tomatoes.
Man Fuel Food Blog - Warehouse Bar and Grill - Boston, MA - Guacamole
Toasted Reuben Sandwich – As my entree, I ordered the Reuben sandwich. A few of my friends ordered some of the fried clam sandwiches, which looked and tasted pretty good because the oil wasn’t too heavy. The Reuben I ordered  was a little strange because it came on a pretzel bun like a hamburger might, but the flavors were very well done. The corned beef smothered in the melted swiss cheese sitting on top of the sauerkraut really hit the spot for me. The side of coleslaw added a good contrast to the soft sauerkraut even though the chop on the cabbage was a little larger than I like. For the record, I would NEVER have ordered a Miller Lite, so the one pictured below is a free one that the promo girls there that night bought for our table!
Man Fuel Food Blog - Warehouse Bar and Grill - Boston, MA - Reuben
Warm Donuts – Lastly, for dessert, one of my friends couldn’t resist ordering the “Warm Donuts – Coffee Ice Cream, Chocolate Drizzle, and Peanut Butter Dipping Sauce.” We all grabbed our spoons and tore into the dessert. No matter what combination we tried, the dessert was delicious. The donuts were wonderful on their own, with the ice cream, dipped in the peanut butter sauce, or with all of the above.
Man Fuel Food Blog - Warehouse Bar and Grill - Boston, MA - Warm Donuts

Overall Impression
I will admit that when I first walked into Warehouse, I didn’t have high hopes for the food. It just didn’t look like the kind of place that would serve anything other than basic pub food. The variety on the menu impressed me, especially with the seafood options. The flavor combinations and dish design really showed some impressive forethought by the chefs. I would recommend Warehouse if you’re in the area looking for a taste of especially good pub food.

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