Sponsored: Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set Review

A representative from Kamikoto reached out to me with an offer to try their knives in exchange for an honest blog review. I did some quick research and jumped at the opportunity to try out the Kanpeki Knife Set made from Japanese steel. The set comes with three knives. The first is a long slicing knife like the kind a sushi chef might use to carve thin slices of fresh tuna. The second is a hefty, rectangular vegetable knife and the third is a small pairing knife. In addition to the knives, they arrived in a beautiful wooden box with a clasp and form fitting foam inlay.
Generally, the Kanpeki Knife Set retails for around $1295, but on occasion it goes on sale for an extremely low price when it’s on backorder. While I do think this is a wonderful knife set, it is expensive for most people like me. That doesn’t mean they aren’t worth that money. It just means that I would be hard pressed as a non-professional home chef to pay that much for any kitchen knives.  If you can get them on sale though, I’d say they’re very much worth the expense, so be on the lookout for deals!
Man Fuel Food Blog - Kamikoto Knives ReviewThe Slicing Knife – This knife makes this set. I would happily buy this knife by itself, but the fact that it comes with two other knives is great. The slicing knife is probably the sharpest and most precise knife I’ve ever owned. I couldn’t believe how easily the light-weight knife sliced through raw or cooked meat. I managed to slice chicken super thin to make a stir fry (I could have gone even thinner than the picture below) and it took the skin off whole of a piece of pork belly without any real effort. Any time I need to slice anything thinly or if I need a precise cut, I break out this knife and even though I know it’s going to do a great job, I’m still amazed each time.

The Vegetable Knife
– The first thing I noticed about the vegetable knife is that it was heavier than I thought it would be. It’s not as sharp as I imagined (it’s still plenty sharp), but it has some heft that makes slicing easier. I tried cutting everything from onions to scallions to mushrooms to green peppers and more just to see how it worked on different textures. It sliced everything beautifully and the weight of it really does most of the work. I especially enjoy using this knife to julienne vegetables.

The Pairing Knife
– I don’t use pairing knives that often, but I like that this little addition to the set is basically just a tiny version of the awesome slicing knife. Those that use pairing knives frequently (like my wife) would love it.

Overall Impression – The Kamikoto Kanpeki Knife Set is a great set of three knives that would enrich any kitchen. They are on the expensive side, but they come in a beautiful case and cut wonderfully. I was a little surprised that they tend to scratch easily if you’re not careful, so they do require proper care and need hand washing. Any good knife made of good steel has the same requirements though. It was my pleasure to review this knife set.



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