Man Fuel Food Blog introduces Home Is A Kitchen!

Hello Friends, Subscribers, and First Time Readers,

You may have noticed a small change to what was once “Man Fuel Food Blog.” Rest assured that the only thing that has changed is the name and web address. At least for the time being, your old links should continue working. The blog will still feature recipes, restaurant reviews, and travel, but just under the new name “Home Is A Kitchen.”

Some of you might be wondering why the change? Well, here are the top 3 reasons:

  1. It Started as a Joke – First, the Man Fuel name was chosen as a reference to a silly inside joke between my friends and me. I didn’t know when I started that the blog would take off and I’d be writing under that name for SIX years! I also ended up feeling I needed to add the words, “Food Blog,” to the name in order to make it clear what the site was about. It got clunky and while I got used to it, I never really loved it.
  2. Everyone Wants In on Man Fuel – There is some brand confusion occurring now because some companies have been using the words, “Man Fuel,” to peddle male-oriented supplements and even candy bars. Rather than get swept up or associated with that mess, I figured now was the opportunity and push I needed to finally change the name of the blog.
  3. Women are Important – The impulsive choice of “Man Fuel” as the blog name may have alienated or made women not feel quite as comfortable visiting the site as I would have liked. I had absolutely no desire or intention to create a male only or male targeted site and always wanted women to participate. I hope the new name makes everyone feel welcome to experience the blog.

With that said, please continue to enjoy the blog, update your links if you need to, and thank you for your patience as we make this small change together.

Last, but not least, thank you to those of you that have actively supported Man Fuel over the years. It means a lot to have loyal readers, friends, and to see new readers enjoying the blog every day. I hope you’ll continue supporting the blog and I look forward to sharing more with you.

Eat well,

– The Site Formerly Known as Man Fuel Food Blog

PS – On social media, please use @homeisakitchen


7 thoughts on “Man Fuel Food Blog introduces Home Is A Kitchen!

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  1. Loving the re-brand! It’s inviting and sends a great message. Man Fuel was great too, but I like this sentiment even better!

  2. I love this blog, I am the chef for True Legends Grill and would love for you to check out my menu.

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