Newport Lobster Shack Review – Newport, RI

Newport, RI in the summer is known for seaside dining and fresh seafood. Nonetheless, many visitors don’t know where to look beyond the famous Thames Street downtown. The Newport Lobster Shack is not too far off the beaten path, so it’s easy to find and offers another option for experiencing outdoor dining in Newport.

Home Is A Kitchen - Lobster Shack - Newport, RINewport Lobster Shack
150 Long Wharf
Newport, RI 02840
on State Pier 9.
(401) 847-1700

Service and Atmosphere
Visiting the Newport Lobster Shack on a sunny day is a wonderful dining experience because the shack sits by the water. The cool ocean breeze coupled with the warm sun makes everything taste better. Even if it’s cloudy or a touch rainy, there is covered seating available.  Customers can also buy fresh, live lobsters from the same location. The service is friendly and efficient, which makes sense considering the beautiful view!
Home Is A Kitchen - Lobster Shack Truck - Newport, RI

It’s somewhat of a no-brainer to determine what to eat at a place called The Lobster Shack, but there are actually options for what kind of lobster to get (as well as some other non-lobster items). While I was intrigued by the fried lobster bites, I opted for some lobster bisque and a classic lobster roll.

Lobster Bisque – M first glance at the lobster bisque revealed the floating pieces of chopped lobster in the center. The first taste of this lobster bisque had me thinking that the soup might actually be too creamy and buttery until I realized there really is no such thing. I heartily enjoyed the bisque and would recommend it.
Home Is A Kitchen - Lobster Shack - Newport, RI - Lobster Bisque

Lobster Roll – With a price a little on the higher end, the lobster roll did have a lot of lobster meat just lightly touched by mayo. The lobster was fresh and delicious without any unnecessary fillers to distract from the natural flavors. If there was just one thing to improve on, it would be the bread. The roll is thick and it isn’t buttered or toasted. If this lobster roll used an oversized New England style bun with buttered and toasted sides, then this could be one of, if not, the best lobster roll in RI. I’d get this lobster roll again when I’m in the Newport area.
Home Is A Kitchen - Lobster Shack - Newport, RI - Lobster Roll

Overall Impression
Great view. Great lobster bisque. Great lobster roll. What more is there to say? Go here if you’re in the Newport area and craving lobster or seaside seafood!



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