Chez Pascal – Wurst Kitchen Review – Providence, RI

Everyone loves a good sausage and Chez Pascal has some good sausages. The name might throw you off into thinking that this is some puffed up self-important French restaurant, but it isn't. The main restaurant is very nice, but inside they have a section called the "Wurst Kitchen." My friends and I ate there to... Continue Reading →

Boudin Sausage with Bourbon Gravy

When I went to New Orleans for my friend's wedding, he introduced me to a new food that I had never had before on the morning of his wedding. The groomsmen (and one groomswoman) gathered at my friend's house and had breakfast together, which one of the groomsman prepared for us. That breakfast consisted of... Continue Reading →

Pork Wellington Recipe

I've watched a lot of Hell's Kitchen on TV. That means I've watched a lot of Chef Gordon Ramsay yelling and cussing out many wannabe chefs due to their culinary failures. It also means that I've seen Beef Wellington served and prepared an absurd number of times in one setting.  Aside from the fact that... Continue Reading →

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