Gyro & Kebab House – Norwood, MA – Turkish Food Review

My friends and I went to visit the Trillium Brewery in Norwood, MA. Our goal was to get some lunch and have a couple of beers. The swarms of people at the brewery were a bit more than we could handle, so we decided to look locally for a lunch spot. We did a little research online and found the Gyro & Kebab House. It piqued our curiosity because we are always on the lookout for good Middle Eastern food, or in this case specifically, Turkish. I’ll admit that the name and appearance of the exterior of Gyro & Kebab House with it’s bright yellow sign featuring two hastily drawn evil eyes didn’t exactly inspire confidence that the food will be good. My friends and I almost balked when we saw it online, but didn’t want to judge it without trying it. This attitude proved rewarding because the Gyro & Kebab House provided us with an excellent meal!

Home Is A Kitchen - Gyro & Kebab House - Norwood, MA - ReviewGyro & Kebab House
1275 Boston Providence Hwy
Norwood, MA 02062
Phone: (781) 352-2277

Service and Atmosphere
Inside, patrons order at the counter, take a seat, and the staff delivers the food to the table. The tables have a very simple hot sauce and tzatziki sauce in pancake house syrup dispensers ready and waiting for the food to arrive. The staff is friendly and straightforward about recommendations if you have any questions.

If we had any hesitation about eating at this restaurant the food more than changed our minds. Almost every single thing we ate was delicious, hearty, and well prepared.

Bread and Baba Ghanoush – The bread alone is worth a visit to Gyro and Kebab House. It was like a cross between pita and naan with a buttery, toasty exterior encrusted in sesame seeds. The crispy outside and pillowy inside make this bread not only delicious, but ideal for dipping and eating almost everything like the baba ghanoush. I love fresh baba ghanoush and could eat it by the spoonful and it is certainly fresh here. The bright eggplant is tender, not bitter at all, and mixes with the tahini to form a velvety texture. Highly recommended.
Home Is A Kitchen - Gyro & Kebab House - Norwood, MA - Baba Ghanoush and Bread

Falafel, Hummus, and Salad – The salad that came with the falafel tasted like a perfectly seasoned tabbouleh with just the right amount of oil, vinegar, and herbs. The chopped style made it easy to eat by itself or combined with mouthfuls of other food. The only two things that I wasn’t crazy about from our meal were the falafel and hummus. The falafel wasn’t bad, but it was much more like a veggie patty than what most people think of when they think of falafel. It had chunky pieces of chickpea and vegetables in it rather than a uniform consistency. It wasn’t bad, but it’s not what I’m looking for when it comes to falafel though the flavor was good. The hummus, unfortunately, wasn’t that great because of it’s consistency and seasoning. The tahini that accompanied the dish, however, tasted nice and its sauce-like consistency made it good for dipping.
Home Is A Kitchen - Gyro & Kebab House - Norwood, MA - Falafel

Lamb Kebabs – Served with more of that delicious cucumber, onion, and tomato salad, the lamb kebabs come out over a bed of soft cracked Bulgar (burghul) wheat. I’ve never had bulgar prepared this way, but it had the consistency of rice and tasted earthier. I thought it was very good, but especially when eaten along with the salad. The lamb was absolutely delicious. Cooked medium to medium-well and marinated enough to infuse some flavor, but not overshadow the lamb itself. I would get this dish again and again. My friends ordered other dishes like kofte/kofta (made of beef or lamb), lamb adana, and a chicken plate with various styles of chicken. The beef kofta was pretty good, but the lamb adana was a touch dry. Meanwhile the chicken dish was excellent with heaps of tender flavorful chicken that I would like to try again.
Home Is A Kitchen - Gyro & Kebab House - Norwood, MA - Lamb Kebab

Overall Impression
Gyro & Kebab House is a fantastic example of Turkish food in the Norwood, MA area that delivers on delicious dishes with expertly crafted flavors. The bread they make in house is an absolute must along with some fresh baba ghanoush and grilled kebabs. I would return to the Gyro and Kebab House and would recommend it to anyone that enjoys Middle Eastern food.



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