A Visual Food Tour of Salem, MA

As an anniversary present, my girlfriend gifted me a trip to historic Salem, MA and a one night stay in the Hawthorne Hotel. We spent less than 24 hours there, but we saw a lot of what Salem has to offer on the off-season (i.e. not Halloween). A few of the highlights included seeing a lot of out of place Halloween themes during Christmas time and some very old candy shops! We also went to a really interesting witch trial memorial, saw a group of drag queens raid the hotel bar, and a skeleton dressed up in a Santa hat. Topping it all off of course, we had some good food, drinks, and snacks along the way. I’m sure there is a lot to Salem that we missed, but I think we covered a lot of ground and got a good feel for the place. I would definitely recommend a day trip to Salem to get your history on.

Click on any of the pictures below and read my descriptions underneath the pictures for more information.


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  1. Great post, man. I lived in Salem for 4 years (a block from Bunghole liquors in fact), and this is a great run-down of the highlights. Next time you’re there, check out Red’s for breakfast. The pancakes are amazing.

    1. Thanks for checking out this post. It’s great to hear feedback from someone that actually lived in Salem. I will definitely check out Red’s the next time I’m in there. Thanks for the tip!

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